💼 #ShowMeEFT_17 The Economy of EasyFeedback Token (EFT)

📈 The Reward

EasyFeedback Token will enable us to value and reward people who give useful feedback to companies and institutions. This feedback is a driver that transmits knowledge. Therefore, we will reward with EasyFeedback Tokens “EFTs”:

1️⃣ The ideas that consumers share with companies and institutions through their suggestions to improve their products, services and processes.

2️⃣ The dissatisfaction that we communicate to a company by way of a complaint or claim about its products, services and processes regardless of the response the company gives us.

3️⃣ The appreciation of a job well done by people in a company or institution, who have succeeded in giving excellent service.

1% of the tokens will be used during the token launch, the other 99% is reserved to reward EasyFeedback users who send feedback to companies over time.

The only way to obtain EFTs shall be with the Proof of feedback explained above.

EFTs in reserve are necessary to reward the feedback that, over the years, will be rewarded. This high supply, should not worry the buyer because these EFTs can only be released by the feedback generated by the users and validated by the validating nodes/oracles.

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