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EasyFeedback Token March 2020


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Some relevant information:

1. At the end of August 2019 we obtained the Estonian Government licenses to operate our EasyFeedback Token.

We want to inform you which are our licenses for the sale of EasyFeedback Token.

2. On February 2020 we launched our web wallet

The EasyFeedback Token web wallet is now available.

3. Posts where you can find the more relevant information about our project

Essentials post of “EFT”, to learn about: What is Proof of Feedback?; How do the Internal, the Company and the Lawyer Nodes/Oracles work; The Economy Of EasyFeedback Token (EFT); Alliances; 10 products that will impact on the supply and demand of “EFT”; The launch of EasyFeedback Token web Wallet.

Starting of public pre sale of EasyFeedback Token

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