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EasyFeeback Token

🛒 #ShowMeEASYF_04 11 products that will impact on the supply and demand of “EASYF”

💡For consumers

  1. “Proof of Feedback” between users and companies and institutions
  2. Legal Advice
  3. Use of EASYFs in the EasyFeedback Online Store
  4. Use of EASYFs on the EasyFeedback Token debit card
  5. Income generated by commissions (fee) of exit of the EASYFs

📊 For companies

  1. Subscription to EasyFeedback PRO
  2. EasyFeedback IoT (Internet of Things)
  3. EasyFeedback Health
  4. EasyFeedback Survey
  5. EasyFeedback Review
  6. EasyFeedback Stats

ℹ️ For more information:

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🎬 #ShowMeEASYF_03 What is deflation in the EasyFeedback token?

Deflation in EasyFeedback token “EASYF” is explained by the following characteristics:

1️⃣ “EASYF” Limited Money Supply This is how the money supply of EasyFeedback tokens is limited. The amount of “EASYF” that can be distributed is finite. …

🎬 #ShowMeEASYF_02 What is Proof of Feedback?

💡Proof of Feedback is the consensus test model established by EasyFeedback to govern the distribution of the EASYF token.

EasyFeedback is an ecosystem that will integrate:

1️⃣ Feedback writers: Users who generate feedback and wish to be rewarded for it. These users can…

At EasyFeedback token we know that our users want to be aware of the entire project, from its beginning to today and its future.

That’s why we have updated this section:

#ShowMeEASYF With this section we want to reinforce the knowledge of the relevant information that we have been publishing on our website.

#ShowMeEASYF_01 EasyFeedback Token’s mission

Our mission is: To facilitate the communication of useful private feedback, promote its management and improve the world.

#EASYF #EasyFeedback #EasyFeedbacktoken #Ethereum #ERC20 #ICO #IEO #IDO #Blockchain #Tokensale #Crypto

On May 6th, 2019, we set up the Easy Feedback Token OÜ company in Estonia. On January 28, 2021, the Estonian government granted us these licenses (License number: FVT000423 — Area of activity: Providing a virtual currency service). …

One of the biggest challenges that companies face when starting a new project is to generate the necessary trust in the market, users, and customers.

In the crypto environment it is more necessary since business dynamics occur in digital environments with little (or no) physical contact.

For this reason, we…

Money by decree or fiat money (from the Latin “let it be done”) is a kind of money characterized by the legal backing of a State. It is the one that is based on the faith or trust of the community, that is, it is not backed by precious metals…

EasyFeedback’s mission is to promote feedback between consumers and companies to help solve two issues that have existed, exist and will exist:

  1. The communication problem between people.
  2. The aspiration of humans to improve things.

Feedback aspires to transform things because it helps companies to achieve care excellence towards its customers…

Through our users have been communicating feedback to companies since August 2015. Our mission is:

“To facilitate the communication of useful feedback
promote its management
And improve of the world.”

Our project is already a reality regardless of EasyFeedback Token that will be exponentially enhanced with the incorporation of…

Thanks to all the people who are understanding our mission, “Our mission is to facilitate the communication of useful feedback, promote its management and improve the world” and are signing up for the whitelist to acquire EasyFeedback token.

All of them will be able to participate in the pre-sale of EasyFeedback Token prior to our IEO with a 40% bonus.

On March 15th we will close our we will close our whitelist and give all our users the opportunity to access the pre-sale of EasyFeedback Token prior to the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).


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