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EasyFeeback Token
11 products that will impact on the supply and demand of “EASYF”
  1. “Proof of Feedback” between users and companies and institutions
  2. Legal Advice
  3. Use of EASYFs in the EasyFeedback Online Store
  4. Use of EASYFs on the EasyFeedback Token debit card
  5. Income generated by commissions (fee) of exit of the EASYFs
  1. Subscription to EasyFeedback PRO
  2. EasyFeedback IoT (Internet of Things)
  3. EasyFeedback Health
  4. EasyFeedback Survey
  5. EasyFeedback Review
  6. EasyFeedback Stats

What is deflation in the EasyFeedback Token



We would like to thank all the people from 55 countries who have purchased EasyFeedback tokens.

Proof of Feedback “EASYF”
  1. The communication problem between people.
  2. The aspiration of humans to improve things.

1. Current problems regarding Feedback

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